Antimony trioxide (Sb2O3)

Antimony trioxide Sb2O3 is made ​​with a chemical that comes from the oxidation of antimony metal.

It is white when cold and yellow when hot.
Among other properties should be noted that is a flame retardant, that is, costs that burn when flame is applied.

Antimony trioxide Applications

The main applications of Sb2O3 are as flame retardant for their fireproof properties.

Various sectors of the industry use Antimony trioxide for cable manufacturing, plastic, paints, metal alloys to increase resistance, semiconductors ...

Innovation and Production Process

We have one of the most modern facilities in Europe, allowing us to meet your demands to provide your company with Antimony trioxide what it have all kind of tolerances and specifications you need.


Product formats

We pack the Antimony trioxide in 2 formats: bags of 25kg or 1000kg bags.

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